Paint2Fix Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paint2Fix Touch up paint damage my car?

Paint2Fix Touch up paint doesn’t damage your car, if you’re going to retouch a previously painted area, we can’t guarantee, because we don’t know the quality of the painting workmanship, but you can experiment in a small area of ​​this area.

Can I correct if I make a mistake?

With specially produced and patented Blending Solution, you can remove the touched up paint from the area and start over.

When my order reaches me?

Production order is accepted as soon as your order is approved, it is delivered to the shipping company within two days at the latest. Delivery time is 2 to 4 business days according to your country.



What is an OEM Code?

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) code is the series of letters and or numbers that make up a formulation code. The code is then entered into the formulation computer that brings up the exact paint mix formulation for that specific vehicle.

Does it really work?

Yes! The Paint2Fix® product works perfectly well at stone chips and small scratches and will also dramatically improve scuffs.

Whilst the product is very good it is not a absolute cure for all damage and it is important that you read the information below on its limitations. If you are at all unsure please contact us by email: [email protected] we will be happy to assist you.

What do I need to do before painting?

It is important to completely wash and clean the area you are going to repair and remove any remaining polish or wax that could be present within the damaged area. You can remove wax/polish by using the Paint2Fix blending solution provided or white spirits/alcohol wipes. The paint does not adhere well to polish or wax so this is important.

Why is there no Clear Coat / Lacquer required after painting?

The Paint2Fix system has a specially patented and formulated lacquer within the paint that removes the need for this procedure. Additionally normal hand applied clear coats as used with a conventional touch up paint change the tone of the color leaving the repair even more visible.

Is the repair permanent?

Yes the Paint2Fix system has a specially patented and formulated additive that solidifies the paint once it has cured. The curing period is in the region of four weeks depending on weather conditions.

When can I use a jet washer on the damaged area?

You can use a jet washer to clean your car straight away however we recommend that you try and avoid the repaired area until it has fully cured. Curing takes around one week.

Can I use Paint2Fix on a car that has just been painted?

No, Not right away! When a car has just been painted the paintwork is soft and requires time to solidify. After one month following painting it is safe to use Paint2Fix.

Is each paint already made and held in stock?

No, due to the vast selection of colors available we make each paint to order on a daily basis so it is completely new for the customer and to maximize shelf life.

What is the Shelf life of the Paint2Fix paint and blending solution?

The shelf life of the Paint2Fix paint is three plus years and the Paint2Fix blending solution is two years.

Will the Paint2Fix Blending Solution work with regular touch up paint?

No the Paint2Fix Blending Solution will only work with the specially formulated Paint2Fix paint.

Will Paint2Fix work on rusted body work?

Yes you can use Paint2Fix on rusted bodywork to cover over the damaged area successfully. Please note that the Paint2Fix paint is NOT a rust inhibitor and the paint could rise after a period of time due to the moisture within the damaged area.

Can you use Paint2Fix on classic cars?

Yes Paint2Fix is suitable for use on classic cars. Cars painted pre 1970 will have been painted in a Cellulose paint that is very soft and whilst the Paint2Fix paint can be used the Paint2Fix blending solution can affect the paintwork as this type of paint is very soft and it is not recommended. Most classic / vintage cars have generally been repainted in modern paint so this is not applicable.

Can you colour match the paint without a color code?

Yes we can. If you have a car, light aircraft or boat that you do not have the color code then if you could supply us with a panel or paint part we can match to it. Please contact us to discuss this.


Deep Scratches

Deep narrow scratches that are down to the paint or primer can be fixed with Paint2Fix. It is important during the Paint2Fix blending solution step to apply very light pressure on the cloth so as to not remove excessive paint from the scratch.

Non-deep Scratches

To give the retouched paint a smooth effect, you can swipe the paint using the white plastic card included in the product package. You can then remove any overflowing touch-up paints using the blending solution. For non-deep scratches, do not apply the blending solution directly to the retouched area, only use it to remove overflowing paint. Otherwise, the blending solution will remove the retouched paint.

Colours and Colour Matching

Does it work well on all colours and metallic?

Paint2Fix works especially well on dark and solid colors including metallic paint. When using Silver and Gold metallic paint there can be some shade variation due to the metallic particles within the paint which can cause the applied paint to be darker in some light conditions.

Does it work on Pearlescent / Tri Coat Finishes?

Yes. Whilst this is the most difficult finish due to the complexity of the paint we have achieved very good results with our paint system.