Frequently Asked Questions

Does Paint2Fix Touch up paint damage my car?

Paint2Fix touch-up paint will not damage your vehicle. But if vehicle has been painted by a body shop, we cannot guarantee that it will not cause damage on the car body.

Can I correct if I make a mistake?

With the specially produced and patented blending solution, you can remove the touched paint from the area and start over. Details on this are available in the instructions.

When my order reaches me?

Products are sent with free express shipping service. Each paint is prepared after ordering and shipped within two days. Depending on your location, the delivery time is 3 to 5 working days after the package has been shipped.

Features and Descriptions of the items included in the package

Paint2Fix Touch Up Paint

Paint2Fix touch up paint has been produced as a result of the long work of our research and development team. Paint2Fix touch up paint is weather resistant, easy to apply and prevents rusting. Our touch up paint can be applied to the body of the car and other plastic and metal areas of the same color.

It is used to clean the overflowing paint from around scratches and stone chips after applying the touch up paint, and to remove the touched-up paint from the touch up area after a faulty touch up application.

After an incorrect application of touch up paint, you can remove touch up paint from the touched-up area using a small amount of Blending Solution. After making sure that the cleaned area is completely dry, you can start the touch up application from the beginning.

You need a polytex cloth and sponge to use the blending solution. Put the sponge into the polytex cloth, then you can use the blending solution by pouring a small amount of blending solution onto the polytex cloth.

20 minutes after the touch up application is finished; You can use it on the touched-up area with the microfiber cloth included in the package.

Microfiber Cloth is used to apply carnauba-based wax.

Touch up brushes required for touch-up paint application. After using the brushes, you can clean the brushes using a small amount of blending solution or thinner, make sure the brushes are completely dry before using them again

Detailed instructions on the items and touch-up paint application are included in the package.

Touch Up Paint Application

  • Shake the paint bottle for about 20 seconds. Using a micro touch up brush, apply a small amount of touch up paint to fill the inside of the scratch or stone chip. The consistency of touch up paint is dense, you can cover many scratches with a small amount of paint.

    In order to prevent the excess paint in the micro brush from flowing, you can rub the brush to the edge of the paint bottle and allow the excess paint on the brush to flow into the bottle. Getting rid of excess paint on the micro touch up brush makes it easier to apply touch up paint.

    Touch up paint will not work on the rusty area if there is rust in or around the scratches and stone chips. Before touching up, you should remove the rust from the rusty area, if the rusty area is large, you should take your car to a body shop. If you are using Paint2Fix touch-up paint on the rusted area, please note that the paint may come off the rusty area after a while due to moisture in the rusted area.

    If the bumper and plastic areas of your car are the same as the body color of your car, you can also use the touch up paint on the bumper and plastic areas.

  • If there is paint that extends beyond the touched-up scratches or stone chips after the touch up application, use the blending solution and clean the overflowing paint. You don’t need to use blending solution for a well done touch up application.
    Wait 5 minutes for the touch-up paint to dry before removing any overflowing paint with the blending solution.
  • After 20 minutes, apply a small amount of wax on the microfiber cloth, then apply it in a circular motion without too much pressure to and around the touched-up area and finish the touch up application. If ceramic coating and similar paint protection products have been applied to the body of your car, do not apply the wax around the touched-up area or try on a small area before applying. (Wax application is not mandatory)

Deep and non-deep scratches

You can see how Paint2Fix works on a deep scratch in the video below. For superficial scratches, use the solution only to clean overflowing paint. For a deep scratch, you can use the solution on the retouched scratch because in a deep scratch, the solution will not come in contact with the retouching paint and the retouching paint will remain inside the scratch.

General Questions

Yes! The Paint2Fix product works perfectly well at chips and scratches and will also dramatically improve scuffs.

The Paint2Fix system has a specially patented and formulated lacquer within the paint that removes the need for this procedure. Additionally normal hand applied clear coats as used with a conventional touch up paint change the tone of the color leaving the repair even more visible.

You can use a jet washer to clean your car straight away however we recommend that you try and avoid the repaired area until it has fully cured. Curing takes around one day.

Yes, we make every paint to make daily due to the wide selection of colors available, so it’s completely new for the customer and to maximize shelf life.

Yes, the Paint2Fix system has a specially patented and formulated additive that solidifies the paint after it has been applied.

Colours and Colour Matching

Paint2Fix works especially well on dark and solid colors including metallic paint. When using Silver and Gold metallic paint there can be some shade variation due to the metallic particles within the paint which can cause the applied paint to be darker in some light conditions.

Yes. Whilst this is the most difficult finish due to the complexity of the paint we have achieved very good results with our paint system.