Jaguar Sage Green HEG Touch Up Paint & Scratch Repair Kit


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Jaguar Sage Green HEG Touch Up Paint

Finish the touch-up application in 5 minutes with basic steps. Top quality custom touch up paint for Jaguar Sage Green HEG

  1. Touch up the scratches and chips as described in the instructions.
  2. Clean overflowed paints using the our patented solution.
  3. Polish the touched-up area using carnauba based wax.

We offer you your exact color matching, high quality and easy to apply for Jaguar touch up paint that we produced thanks to vigorous and persistent r&d efforts. PAINT2FIX is a highly durable base coat touch up paint for your car. To waste your money in expensive body shops may annoy you. However, our exclusively produced touch up paint will allow you to come up with impressing outcomes.

The package contains all the necessary items to complete the touch up application. Touch up paints are prepared separately for each order.

Touch up paint can be applied to other plastic and metal areas of the same color as the car body.

It is not possible to make a wrong touch up application. With the our patented solution, you can remove the applied the paint on your car and start the touch up application from the beginning.

Compatible JAGUAR Model(s)


Color information

  • Color Name: Sage Green
  • Color Code: HEG
  • Paint Type: Solid
  • Base Color: Green
  • For Years: 1982 - 1988