Before starting the application
Make sure that the area where the scratch or stone chip to be touched is clean and dry. Always wear gloves when applying. (Gloves are included in the touch up paint kit)

Step 1 – Paint Application

Shake the touch up paint quickly for approximately 1-2 minutes, the steel balls inside the bottle will help you to mix the paint thoroughly. Using a micro-brush, apply paint to the area with scratches or stone chips. (Firstly, begin by making small touches first to familiarize yourself with the application process.), Don’t worry for application errors, by using blending solution, you can remove the paint from the retouched area and start over the application.

Step 2 – Blending Solution

Wait 4-5 minutes for the paint to dry after retouching, then pour the mixture solution in small quantities on POLYTEX cloth and clean with gentle pressure without pressing too much the overflowing paints from the touch-up area. Note that you can also remove the paint on the scratch while cleaning the overflowing paints on the deep and non-deep scratches. In the application videos of the touch up paint kit, you can see how deep and non-deep scratches work on stone chips.

Step 3 – Polish

Wait approximately 20 minutes after steps 1 and 2 are completed, pour in small quantities of polish onto the microfiber cloth to apply polish on the touch up paint area and apply it to the area you touch and around.


Large and Deep Chips

You can repeat the steps above to repair the deeper scratches.


You can remove the touch-up paint at any time using the blending solution. So, you have no possibility to make mistakes.


Because of the cold weather that will accelerate the drying process of paint, it will be difficult to touch up. It is recommended to apply in environments warmer than 0 degrees.