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    Countries Where Paint2Fix is Registered

    Paint2Fix is legally registered with the tax and customs offices of the following countries.

    United States: 38-4106274 (EIN Number)
    United Kingdom: GB397691430 (VAT number)
    Germany: DE350448391 (VAT number)
    France: FR9980090033 (VAT number)
    Spain: N0238200J (VAT number)
    Italy: IT03983020045 (VAT number) 

    Information for EU registered countries

    Paint2Fix is registered to the European tax legislation and to the IOSS tax system.

    Paint2Fix is registered to the IOSS (IMPORT ONE-STOP SHOP) taxation system according to the European Union tax legislation. The products we send to 27 countries registered in the European Union are delivered within 3 to 4 working days without being stuck to customs. You will also do not pay any customs fees.

    For more information for IOSS please click here

    112 Capitol Trail Suite A149 Newark 19711 DE US – phone: 1-(570) 371-5366 – e-mail: [email protected]