9H Car Ceramic Graphene Coating Pro | Nanotechnology Car Color Protection System


9H hardness nanotechnology car ceramic graphene coating. Compatible with all vehicles. UV protection, heat resistance (up to 760 Degree), hydrophobicity, friction reduction, mirror effect. New technology paint protection system.

Do not let the color of your vehicle fade due to UV rays. The unique nanotechnology formula of Paint2Fix ceramic graphene coating protects the color of your vehicle from UV rays and gives a deep shine effect, protecting it from heat up to 760 degrees.

Paint2Fix ceramic graphene coating forms a protective layer over the paint. This layer protects the vehicle's color from UV and heat for 3 years with one layer and up to 5 years with 2 layers. Ceramic graphene gives the color a super deep gloss effect.

Paint2Fix ceramic graphene coating will provide you with everything you need for long-lasting professional results. The bottle inside the box contains enough ceramic graphene to cover two cars.

This is a new technology of nano coating.Graphene molecules encapsulate silicon dioxide to form nano polymer compounds. This nano molecule has excellent heat resistance, mechanical properties and optical properties, which can make the vehicle surface have good heat resistance, hydrophobicity, friction reduction and deep brightness, last longer time on the paint.