Volvo Tsunamiblue 476 Touch Up Paint & Scratch Repair Kit

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    Repairs up to 50 paint scratches and chips
    25 ml Paint2Fix special paint formula (fits in a bottle)
    50 ml patented blending solution
    30 ml high quality wax
    7 micro touch up paint brushes
    Nitrile gloves, microfiber cloth, instructions
    Repairs up to 100 paint scratches and chips
    40 ml Paint2Fix special paint formula for (fits in a bottle)
    50 ml patented blending solution
    30 ml high quality wax
    7 micro touch up paint brushes
    Nitrile gloves, microfiber cloth, instructions
    Repair heavily scratched and chipped car
    75 ml Paint2Fix special paint formula for (fits in two bottles)
    60 ml patented blending solution
    30 ml high quality wax
    12 micro touch up paint brushes
    Nitrile gloves, microfiber cloth, instructions
Volvo Tsunamiblue 476 Touch Up Paint / Scratch Repair / Stone Chip Repair Kit
Volvo Tsunamiblue 476 Touch Up Paint & Scratch Repair Kit


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Paint Informations

  • Color Name: Tsunamiblue
  • Color Code: 476
  • Paint Type: Solid
  • Base Color: Blue
  • Paint production years:  from 2008 to 2019
  • Stock Status: In Stock
Delivery : Sep 30, 2020 - Oct 5, 2020
Shipping : DHL Express Free Shipping Express Free Shipping
Returns : 14 Days money back
Features : Color match guarantee with Paint2Fix custom paint formula, professional results, easy & safe to use, prevents rusting

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Volvo Tsunamiblue 476 - Touch Up Paint / Scratch Repair / Stone Chip Repair Kit

Volvo Tsunamiblue 476 touch up paint kit. Paint2Fix is an auto touch up paint that is a result of the long-lasting work of our R&D and REPAIR units and is fully compatible with the color of your vehicle, unaffected by water, rain, other weather conditions and prevents rusting, you don't need to go to expensive auto body shops and spend money, you can repair the scratches and stone chips on your vehicle in a short time and in 3 easy steps like a pro.
For Paint2Fix Volvo, it offers a exact color match guarantee. You have not the possibility to make mistakes. With specially produced and patented Blending Solution, you can remove the paint from the area you touched and start over.
Immediately repair Volvo scratches and stone chips on the Volvo by purchasing a Paint2Fix auto touch up paint.

Apply in 3 Easy Steps

Before starting the application; Make sure that the area where the scratch or stone chip to be touched is clean and dry. Always wear gloves when applying. (Gloves are included in the touch up paint kit)

Step 1 – Paint application

Shake the touch up paint quickly for approximately 1-2 minutes, the steel balls inside the bottle will help you to mix the paint thoroughly. Using a micro-brush, apply paint to the area with scratches or stone chips. (Firstly, begin by making small touches first to familiarize yourself with the application process.), Don't worry for application errors, by using blending solution, you can remove the paint from the retouched area and start over the application.

Step 2 - Blending solution

Wait 4-5 minutes for the paint to dry after retouching, then pour the mixture solution in small quantities on POLYTEX cloth and clean with gentle pressure without pressing too much the overflowing paints from the touch-up area. Note that you can also remove the paint on the scratch while cleaning the overflowing paints on the deep and non-deep scratches. In the application videos of the touch up paint kit, you can see how deep and non-deep scratches work on stone chips.

Step 3 - Wax

Wait approximately 20 minutes after steps 1 and 2 are completed, pour in small quantities of polish onto the microfiber cloth to apply polish on the touch up paint area and apply it to the area you touch and around.


  • You can repeat the steps above to repair the deeper scratches.
  • You can remove the touch-up paint at any time using the blending solution. So, you have no possibility to make mistakes.
  • Because of the cold weather that will accelerate the drying process of paint, it will be difficult to touch up. It is recommended to apply in environments warmer than 0 degrees.

Customer Reviews

It came in three days. The paint is exact match to my car and easy to use.

Mark C. Crowe

The product keeps a nice color but there was a slight difference between the color of the paint and the color of my car because it is old and it is almost impossible to see the color difference after a few days of retouching. It’s a very successful product.

Darryl D. Cruz

It's unbelievable that the express cargo is free, price product performance is very good thanks Paint2fix.

Roger Montgomery

My order arrived in 3 days, same day I did retouch in my garage, the scratch was quite deep, the first retouch did not close, I made another application on the retouch after 4 and 5 days as written in the instruction manual and I did this a few more times and closed the scratch completely

Richard T. Bopp

I’m a Corvette owner at 30 years old, I had doubts about the paint color before the order but Paint2Fix sent the same paint as my car color. I've fixed a lot of scratches and stone chipping.

Dennis Garnes

The retouch paint works and also the blending solution removes the stains and friction marks very fast, it’s a very good product.

Hunter Littleton

Thank you for sending it at light speed, the packaging of the product, the appearance of the content is incredibly beautiful and also really works, I would like to recommend and thank to those who made the Paint2Fix

Paul Young

John here from UK, I got it in 2 days with free express cargo, incredible, very good quality according to the price of the product.

John Edmond

The important thing was that paint matched perfectly Decent quality result. Not exactly a professional job, but covers the blemishes.

Ryan T. Pimental

Good color match,I did a good job in following the directions to the tee, and it was like a professional did it , thanks.

Danny Jenkins

As good as you're going to getI have brought several of these kits for a bunch of cars. Bottom line is no paint repair is going to be perfect unless you are having the body shop do a re-spray. But the Paint2Fix product is pretty good. It fills the chip ever so slightly with paint that you buff off the excess with a chemical sealer. If you have a deep chip you repeat the process a few times until it's as good as you can get it. If you're searching for your chip repair after completing it, you will likely still find it up close. But a foot or two away it blends right in.


I appreciate that I could input what type of vehicle I own and the site showed all paint color options.

Freddie Basil

I have used your products before I always get a good match on the color and the various sizes offered give me great flexibility to only order what I need.


Great price. Easy layout. Honest and simple answers. Loved my experience here. Now I am excited to see the finished job from these products!

Ted Plath

Great website and easy to find exactly what you need to touch up chips and scratches. Will definitely use again.